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Album release: “The World Flashed Around Her Arms” by Artigo Audio


      Time flies! I began composing this album by the end of 2022, soon after the release of “Anew”. Both done using Reason, I did more music only in this DAW because I found it more intuitive than ProTools to make music at the time. Virtual synthesizers and drum machines were all over the place, improvised like if in a jam; each element filling any gap of silence. Recorded at a library near my home, using a 25 keys-MIDI keyboard and headphones, this unorganized set of sounds began to form a harmony blanket base for the real instruments (Guitar, vocals and bass) I would record afterwards.       Editing was the hardest part. I had to separate my performer from the editor-self. Usually, I give some time between composition and production processes in order to change my approach - i.e, return to the subject with a fresh mind (and ears).      Layered guitars and basses along with an electronic type of arrangement, I recall Frippertronics. Part of this new album are my favorite tracks  Agrippinilla (its multiple versions could be used as many soundtracks) and Animals are Naive…But Nature (a prediction of what will happen to mankind).

     Despite a feeling of conclusion, something was missing. In what context the album would be released? I had to write something about it. Not only for the public to understand… But also as a statement to what that “Nonsense” sound was about. So I had to give it some time to think about it.        By the first half of 2023, production actually began.      I listened a lot to Jimi Hendrix and Alice in Chains when I was an intern in Wisseloord studios. When I had some free time over there, studio space was available for creation; that’s when the layered guitars and bass came in, and mixing was approached in depth along with an outlawed automation.

        Also a bunch of B-Sides began to form. As I was reading David de Sola’s Unchained book I came up with the compilation Tugging bij de halo ( English mixed met Dutch, or just Tugging by the halo, or Tugged by the halo) . With child-like sense of discovery and imagination, I explored unusual sounds (like when a kid vocalizes in front of a ventilator fan).         Reason software provided me with free creation without restrictions. By exploring “Redrum” drum machine and “Synchronous” time based - LFO, I enjoyed the results; regardless of sometimes disturbed by mistakes, improper use - too much effect - sometimes having to erase or reset the session.        What makes a sound “ugly” is also what makes it unpleasant to listen.

After 2 years of work, mastering was the easy part. The 1st part of the mastering generated crystal clear sounds. The 2nd part, using modular software “VCV Rack”, gave birth to remixes. Similar to the B-Sides, I feel glad to have more versions. To be released soon, the tracks from the 1st mastering will serve as references.

The World Flashed Around Her Arms is coming soon. For now, listen to the latest single, Agrippinilla.

[to be continued…]

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