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Marcio Hendrik - Hazel and I

Marcio Hendrik - Hazel and I

Grunge Rock -> Electronic-> Tape Machine


“ He says the whole production process is like playing in a band: The DAW, and the speakers are instruments. It’s an ensemble composed by Man and Machine. It's not meant to represent opposing factors as separate phenomena, like the yin-yang, or night as its own occurrence, and day.
When exactly does day become night and night become day? They are part of the same nature, yet singular.
They represent the intricate connection between two opposing energies, where one balances the other.
It’s ‘the way’ of things; perhaps even the way of things in music, where two musical concepts are different, but part of the same art”.

      Marcio Hendrik returns with his psycho-grunge rock soaked in electronic circuits. As a final touch, running all tracks into the tape machine.
In this (rock or electronic?) album, influenced by Nirvana, Bauhaus and Tones On Tail, Marcio Hendrik opened a new path for his composition. Would a new genre be defined? Or is it an exploration over preexistent concepts?

The album is highlighted by great performances, like “Hazel And I” and “Naked Goth”, enhanced by the quality of their mixes. 

      “Excuse me (for a birth) is a translation of what’s going into this album: A birth process, between one style of music, and the other, creating life, anew.
(Un)Like Nirvana, supposed to be a pop song, it’s about the feeling of a musician hearing his own music on radio, like Nirvana, and many others felt.

      “It feels like nirvana for a few minutes”, when referring to the philosophical mental stage. 

Music by Marcio Hendrik

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